Meet “Jais”

About Jais Project

Jais is a 13-billion parameter bilingual model. It was trained on the Condor Galaxy AI Supercomputer with a 116-billion Arabic token and 279-billion English token dataset to bring the value of generative AI across the Arab world.

JAIS AI Robot App

This application will serve as a personal assistant that each person can customize according to their needs (somewhat similar to Amazon’s Alexa).
but with more advanced additions, such as searching for products, reminding you of your exercise schedules, and adding an emotional touch to your daily life.
You can ask JAIS anything you want to inquire about.
He will give you the advice that you will like, as he is the first Arab personal assistant supported by artificial intelligence from the United Arab Emirates.

App Screenshot

JAIS Token

We have created a Crypto currency to support the development and marketing of the application.
This currency will be the main currency in the JAIS Artificial Intelligence application.
By obtaining the currency, you will be able to access all the features that we offer in the application, in addition to exclusive features for holders of the JAIS cryptocurrency.

Users Of JAIS

Product Developer




Corporate Coach

Road Map

Q1 2024Finished
Q2 2024In Progress
Q3 2024Soon


The JAIS application will be one of the most important artificial intelligence applications in the world, as it is supported by the best technologies built in the United Arab Emirates.  JAIS will be your personal assistant that you will not abandon in your regular and virtual reality

Artificial intelligence applications in general involve many risks in the event of illegal use.  In the JAIS application, we will work to adhere to safety and privacy in general

Cryptocurrencies are the future of the modern world because of their security, speed, and privacy.  Jais will be used to support in-app development, sales and services and will be subject to trading on centralized platforms

You will not be able to access the JAIS services provided by the future JAIS application if you are not a JAIS coin holder.  The opportunity to acquire the currency now will allow you to access services at lower prices


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